There are smog alerts and pollen alerts,

but no health alerts for this public health hazard

routinely released into our environment

– ionizing radioactive pollution.

Our group of concerned citizens

monitors radiation in the Tennessee Valley,

and has recorded levels from 2 to 40 times background

near and downwind of Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant.

We think this ionizing radiation

may be affecting the health

of Tennessee Valley residents.

While we cannot say valley health issues

are caused by routine radioactive releases,

we do call for more research, since

we know radiation levels are high downwind,

and the overwhelming majority of peer-reviewed studies

show increased rates of cancer

in areas near nuclear plants.

Our report focused on

counties surrounding Browns Ferry,

where death rates have risen

from 2% to over 20% above U.S. rates

since Browns Ferry reactors started up in the 1970s.

Infant mortality is 21% above the national rate,

and even higher for Hispanics (40%) and Whites (32%).

(View or download report PDF in right column.)

We think more studies need to be done,

and real-time radiation monitoring

and public health alerts are needed.

Pregnant women and mothers

deserve posted radiation alerts

to protect their children

on days when there are scheduled routine

(and accidental) radioactive releases.



and learn more about it




Prevent Radioactive Poisoning

The above map is the NOAA track

of April 2011 tornados

superimposed on a map of the

50 mile danger zones around

TVA nuclear reactors and cooling pools.

A Category EF-5 Tornado

twisted and tore down

a whole row of power towers

about 1000 yards

from over 200,000,000 curies

of highly radioactive fuel

stored in raised cooling pools

with only sheet metal roofs

as overhead containment.

Nearly one million people live

within 50 miles of the Browns Ferry Plant,

and over one million people live within 50 miles

of each of the Sequoyah and Watts Bar

Nuclear Plants – all three on the Tennessee River.

This is an unacceptable risk, since

there is no safe dose of radiation

and radiation poisoning is cumulative.

Why risk the health of our valley

and our children's health?

Nuclear power plants

release radioactive poisons

into our air and water

during routine operations.

Multiple international studies

show significant rises

in cancer rates

near nuclear power plants

especially in childhood cancers.

Nuclear power plants produce

large amounts of extremely poisonous

radioactive wastes,

and store most of it

in spent fuel cooling pools,

which hold far more radiation

than the reactor cores

but have far less containment security

and require constant water and electricity

(witness the explosions at Fukushima).

Some of these poisons remain radioactive for thousands of years,

forcing future generations to pay for storing

and containing them – if they can afford it.

Our utility companies should put

our health and safety first.

Over 100 million Americans

live in danger of nuclear exposure.



As taxpayers and as rate-payers,

we are paying high prices

for a dangerous source of electricity

nuclear power.

Just one accident or terrorist attack

means a financial meltdown

for your nuclear utility company.

Nuclear power is too risky for Wall Street,

but Congress invests with our money,

backing loans 100% to build them,

even though

the Government Accounting Office (GAO)

predicts a 50% default rate.*

We back the LOANS as TAXPAYERS,

and we PAY the loans as RATE-PAYERS.

Cost for a one reactor plant –

$5 to 12 Billion dollars,

not counting the cost of managing

its highly radioactive nuclear wastes,

"a bill that keeps coming for centuries".

*See our Money $inkhole page.


Energy Efficiency,

Wind, and Solar Power

create more jobs, cost less,

come online more quickly,

and do not threaten the health of our valley.

Money spent on Energy Efficiency and Renewables

betters money spent on coal or new nuclear

without the coal ash ponds, air pollutants,

radioactive emissions, or radioactive waste.

Energy Efficiency programs mean

local construction jobs now,

with no special training or high security clearances.

In the South in the next decade,

according to a Duke University and Georgia Tech study,

Energy Efficiency programs can:

"lower utility bills by $41 billion,

create 380,000 new jobs,

reduce the need for new power plants,

and save 8.6 billion gallons of fresh water."

America does not need more

dangerous and expensive nuclear waste

from more nuclear power plants.

Our utility companies can create more

permanent local jobs, more quickly,

with Energy Efficiency Programs

and can lead us into the future

with Smart Renewable Energy.

*Read our CLEAN ENERGY page.


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